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Keeping your home squeaky clean is something that most people strive to do even with the little time they have left after working all day. There are a couple of things though that no matter how hard you try to clean just keep showing up. These little animals can be silent but deadly as pests like termites can eat away at your home little by little. along with that spiders and other types of bugs may have you feeling like you are in an actual nightmare. The weather and surroundings around Moreno Valley make for perfect living conditions for these critters. To make sure that they don’t make your home theirs as well call the top pest control exterminator company that is Bug Off Pest Control Moreno Valley!

About Us

We are a local company that was born out of the people’s necessity to seek out proper pest control professionals to help them keep rodents, bugs, and other unwanted guests out of their home. Although some people may call us exterminators we are the first to recognize the key role that many of these animals play in our ecosystem. That doesn’t mean though that you should leave them be and put your family at risk. As a family-oriented company, we want to make sure that all the families in Moreno Valley can feel safe from the bedbugs and spiders!


Our Services

We can help you with any and all pest problems. That doesn’t mean though that we will treat each and every problem exactly the same. Different types of pests require unique strategies to make sure that they are taken care of correctly. When we are called in we will perform an inspection of the perimeter to be able to properly asses the situation. From there we will set up a date on which we will apply the specific treatment. Some of our treatments may require that you stay away from your home for a couple of days while the treatment gets a chance to work and to make sure that you and your family are not at risk!

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Termites & Ants

Termites can one of your homes major enemies. Termites eat away at wooden structures. Most of the homes around the Moreno Valley are largely made from wood. Leaving termite problems unattended can be a very costly mistake. As you are going to require an exterminator service, then a renovation service to fix the damage the termites have done. Ants can be fascinating workers that you can literally learn a lot from. They can also pack a mean sting and not let you enjoy your backyard and other outdoor areas. What is even worse is when they begin to form colonies indoors. Let us help take those issues off your hands!

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Some people may see mice, rats, and squirrels as a great option to keep as a pet. These rodents though when roaming around your home freely can be a big problem. They eat away at wires and installations within walls and can eventually affect your home appliances and other things around your home. Plus it is never a nice feeling to see that you are sharing a bath with a rat. They can also help spread diseases that you want no part of. Get them to where they need to be, which is away from your home!

"We have a weekend home that we had kind of left unattended for a while. Termites and fleas made it their full-time home and that became a huge problem. We called Bug Off Pest Control Moreno Valley to ask about their pest and termite control service. We can clearly say they came they saw and they conquered! Thank you guys so much for your help!" -Cindy K

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Bed Bugs

If you keep waking up to an itchy feeling all over your body it may just be that the bed bugs got you. Bed bugs are not some form of myth. They are very real creatures that can make your sleep a very uncomfortable experience and potentially leave you more prone to suffer a wide variety of diseases. Don’t risk the possibility of this happening. Have our guys come every once in a while and make sure that they are gone before you go to bed at night.

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Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are not just issues that can reach pets. While pets are usually more prone to being infected by them, people also have to keep them in check. If you live in a warm climate like the one we get most of the year around Moreno Valley you are more likely to have a flee or tick problem. Bite back at fleas with our multiple exterminator services to make sure that your family doesn’t have to worry about fleas!

"I literally thought that bedbugs were just myth and like part of saying that people liked to use. Until my kids and I would wake up all itchy. I friend recommended that I call Bug Off Pest Control Moreno Valley. They helped me get rid of all of the bed bugs and taught me how to wash bed sheets so they wouldn’t show up again! They provided a great service no doubt about it." -Martha L.

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Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees are essential to the entire ecosystem. We would literally be lost without bees. That being said there is no reason to put family members or business employees and customers at risk by having a beehive or wasp nest hanging right over your front door. We can help by removing or relocating them to a safer location to make sure that they can continue to do their work without interfering with your daily life.

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Spiders & Other Pests

There is a reason why many old movies saw spiders and other arachnids as the main villain. People are usually not too fond of having spiders crawling around. Some spiders pack enough punch in their venom to kill a person. We can remove them all and make sure that they don’t keep coming back. That way when you do have spider nets hanging from your doors it’s because you decorated for Halloween and not because you have an eight-legged house guest!

"I have a lot of trees around my business and I like the look that they give my surroundings so, I didn’t want to get rid of them. They where getting filled with bugs and beehives so I decided to call Bug Off Pest Control Moreno Valley. They allowed me to keep my trees looking great without getting the pests to annoy my customers it was a great deal!" -Sam I.

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As we’ve said letting your pest problem grow into a full-on bug invasion can bring many problems your way. For one you and your family will feel like you are in a constant nightmare which we would imagine is never fun! Maybe things don’t get too bad, but one little bite can cause a big scare and we would never wish that not anybody. Call or contact us today and make sure your home is a bug-free zone!