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At Moreno Valley Pest we are a company that was built with the sole purpose of helping families and business with any and all pest problems they may have. Our bottom line is simple we want to make sure that the residents of Moreno Valley and neighboring areas within the Riverside County don’t ever have to worry about pests like termites, rodents, or fleas. We believe that it is absolutely essential to keep a balanced ecosystem. That is why our services don’t contemplate killing of bugs for sport. What we want to do is make sure that living areas for people are safe and free from any type of pests that could put you in danger or just ruin your day.

As a company, we believe that the most important asset that we can offer to a client is being fully honest and transparent about our services. If you call us asking for a termite inspection service we will perform a thorough inspection and be truthful about our findings. Sadly we’ve seen how other companies will just perform placebo services on areas that do not require spraying any type of insecticide just to make a quick buck! With us, you are getting an honest service that will always use the latest in bug repellent technology to make sure that the bugs and pests are the ones that suffer not you and your family!