Bed Bugs
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Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite should just be a phrase that parents can say to tuck their children into bed. It shouldn’t have to be a literal warning of what could possibly happen overnight. We can make sure that the bed bugs don’t get you by providing our removal services. The problem with bed bugs is that if they are not detected quickly they can spread like wildfire. What is even worse is that to the untrained eye they are hard to catch. Sometimes even extensively washing the sheets won’t do the trick because the source of the problem is within the bed itself.

Finding Out If You Have A Bed Bug Problem

Itchiness dry skin and red marks on certain areas of the skin in the morning can be signs of bed bug attack. If you or someone else in your home is constantly complaining about these types of symptoms you may do well to give your sheets a thorough clean. If that doesn’t do the trick then it is certainly time to call in the experts. We will go through our normal assessment process that involves checking the bedroom area to the point of exhaustion almost.

Implementing Treatment

If our experts find that it is likely or absolutely certain that you have a bed bug problem we will recommend a couple of options on how to treat the issue. Not all infestations are exactly the same. So if you just happen to have a minor issue we can work it out quickly to make sure that it does not spread. If the level of infestation is high though we may order a thorough decontamination of the area. This could mean that certain areas of your home are going to be off limits for a short while. We, of course, will help you plan these things out.

Follow Up Visit

Bed bugs can literally be tough cookies to crack. Yet, for some reason, a lot of pest control companies do not offer follow up visits to their clients. Even though we use all of the top of the line chemicals and technology to eradicate them we understand that it is still possible that some may have survived. In this follow up visit we will make sure that the entire problem has been eradicated. If that is not the case then we will recommend follow up treatment until the problem has been fully fixed so to speak!

How Can I Prevent These Issues?

The best way to really prevent any form of bed bug issue is to make sure to give your home the proper maintenance and care it requires. At times though there are external factors that contribute to the development of these pests within your home. When that is the case your best bet is to call in the pros instead of trying to get rid of them with homemade remedies.