Moreno Valley Pest Control - Services

Unlike many other pest control companies out there we actually have a team of experts that constantly monitors the new advancements in pest control technology to provide the best service available. This research we put in allows us to confidently say we can and do offer pest control services that can take care of any type of pest outbreak that may be present in homes or businesses. Although there are many proactive potential clients that call us in with a rundown of exactly what they think their exact problem is we still provide the same inspection services that we would for any client. The reason behind why we do this is very simple. Although there may very visible pest issue infecting a place just getting rid of the pests that we can see may not attack the source of the problem. Most of the type there is a very visible pest problem there is a source issue that is hidden in some hard to reach place.

In simple terms, while we do appreciate proactive customers who can dissect what they believe the problem is because it helps is gear up before we head we will still make sure nothing else is causing that problem. In even simpler terms if you have a pest problem whatever it may be we can help! Here is a list of the main pests we take care off, even if you don’t see the service you need on the list don’t hesitate to call:

  • termites & ants
  • rodents
  • bed bugs
  • fleas & ticks
  • wasps & bees
  • spiders & other pests