Spiders & Other Pests
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Although there are plenty of pests out there that can really harm people in distinct ways we usually think of spiders and scorpions as the ones that can harm us the most. Maybe it’s because of the old movies, but the fear is actually based on fact. A lot of these animals have the power to seriously injure a person with a single bite. If not treated properly these bites or stings can ultimately lead to death. So the consequences are pretty extreme no doubt. Luckily we can do a lot to make sure that you come in contact with these as least as possible.


Spiders are the type of animal that splits people almost in half. For some people, they are literally the main characters in some of their worst nightmares. Yet others will keep them as pets! Whatever the case may be it is undeniable that they can cause a person a lot of discomfort. To avoid all of this we first provide our thorough inspection. Spiders love hiding out in hard to reach places. We will make sure that we get there and spray with enough chemicals to make sure they will not be bothering anyone any time soon!


Riverside County can easily be the biggest scorpion home in Southern California. The near desert-like surroundings provide the proper climate and other factors that really allow scorpions to flourish. Around here they can show within your clothes and basically in many areas in and around homes. They tend to show up around the summer months. To make sure that you are ready for their arrival we can provide a preventive type of pest control service. Where we use different types of bug repellants and other chemicals to make sure that scorpions don’t pay your home a visit.


Even though we may not think of mosquitoes as one of the animal kingdom’s biggest threats they sure can be! Since they feed off of the blood of hosts they can transmit a lot of diseases that can be potentially life-threatening. At the very least their presence and bites can be very uncomfortable. There is no good reason why you should have to put up with them! At Moreno Valley Pest Control we can help you keep the mosquito count to a minimum in and around your home. That you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces night and day without having to worry about mosquito bites!

Other Pests

There are literally a million different types of pests that can come out and ruin your day. We can help you make sure that this doesn’t happen. Our team of experts can help craft a unique pest control plan that will take care of all of your current pest issues while helping prevent major outbreaks in the future. For us to be able to do that do you need to call or contact us today! Our job is to make sure that you don’t get any unwanted slimy or flying guests!