Termites & Ants
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Both termites & ants can spell big trouble for home or business owners. Termites can cause a lot of damage to wooden structures primarily, while ants although not as likely cause foundation damage they can literally take over all of the areas in and around a building. Eating away at food and other vital elements that you may have laying around. When it comes to these two species it may be a bit tough to detect a developing issue. That is why for the most part we called in when the situation a significantly escalated. With termites especially, this can have long-term damage that may come with hefty repair costs.


Since many homes around the Moreno Valley area use a lot of wooden structures in the overall makeup of the building a termite issue can cause great structural damage. It is important to point out that while termites may take a long time to be able to achieve real long-term damage obviously the quicker you take care of the issue the easier it will be to get it fixed. What we usually recommend is getting your home inspected for termites at least twice a year to make sure most of the damage can be prevented.

Preventive Termite Treatment

Unlike other pests where we can usually trace their appearance back to some sort of lack of proper maintenance, issue termites can pop up seemingly out of the blue. While there are certain things that can be done to prevent them from showing up like applying special coatings on wooden objects like outdoor decks which are termite favorite. Most of the time they literally appear where you least expect them because they begin attacking wooden structures that are not usually out in the open. That is why having a periodic termite inspection is so important.


These little guys can show up anywhere! With a whole, a bunch of subspecies to choose from ants can live in and around pretty much anywhere. While we obviously provide ant control services we usually don’t just kill off all of the ants we see. Most of the time ants in the yard are not such a big deal unless they are the kind that can give you some mean stings. For the most part though our ant control services offered to people who have indoor ant problems. This is one of the most common and most disturbing pest problems out there!

Preventive Ant Treatment

When it comes to ants we can usually prevent them from showing up around the house by not leaving dirty dishes lying around and just overall providing proper maintenance to all areas of the house. Most people when they have an ant problem they take care of it by using insecticide products you can find at any store. That is a good way to handle things, but if in spite of this ants keep coming back chances are you have a bigger issue on your hands. Call us right away so we can take care of it!