Wasps & Bees
Moreno Valley Pest Control - Wasps and Bees 2

Even though a major part of our job involves exterminating certain living things that doesn’t mean that we can’t recognize the importance of animals in the ecosystem. Actually, it’s quite the opposite we will only recommend bringing in an exterminator when things get too out of hand. When it comes to bees we usually want to be extra careful. They are one of the most important creatures in the entire ecosystem. That being said they also pack a mean punch when they sting. The same thing goes for wasps. People who are allergic to bee stings can have a really tough time overcoming even an average sting. That is why we offer to come in and help you solve your bee issues!

Beehive Removal

When it comes to beehives for some reason cartoons like Winnie the Pooh have made look like very friendly places. They are most definitely not a place that you want to stick your head in. Trying to remove a beehive without the proper equipment and following proper safety measures can be a very bad idea. Some people say that around 100 bee stings can kill a human being there is no reason to test that number. Call or contact us to make sure that this process is done in the safest way possible.

Wasps Nests

Like bees, wasps tend to be very social animals. Which means that they will heavily protect their home from people who try to bring it down. In most cases, we will try to neutralize the wasp population before removing the nest completely. This needs to be done by professionals only.

Beehive Relocation

As we’ve said we completely value the job that these animals have within the ecosystem. That is why in some cases we can offer a beehive relocation instead of a complete teardown. This allows you to remove the beehive from above your front door and place it in a safe location where the bees can flourish without being a hazard to the people in your home or business. Our ability to provide this service may depend on the size and location of the hive. Of course, we would explore relocation options as well before we just go ahead and remove it completely. Call or contact us today to ask about these types of services.

Bees in Flower Gardens

At times people will call us and ask about the types of chemicals that can be applied to outdoor areas so as to kill off some of the unwanted pests that can be lurking around the garden while not harming bees that are needed for pollination. We can work side by side with you or the people in charge of your landscaping to make sure that the chemicals we apply in our pest control services still allow your gardens to flourish. That is why we do inspections and asses all of the situations that we walk into thoroughly before spraying anything anywhere. Again we urge you to call or contact us today to set up an appointment!